Frequent Questions

Please find answers to common questions here, note we do our best to answer all questions our supporters may have.

  • Why login?

    To access Alumni, Members, Committee & Documents, login is required.

  • How to Login for first time?

    First time you may not be having the password. If you have registered then use the forgot password feature to get the password sent to your email. Login with this password, then go to My Account and change the password also check/update your Profile and Profile picture.

  • Why Register yourself?

    Use this if you have not registered with the Mumbai Chapter. The Login screen has the register yourself feature, using this you can register. The login details will be sent to your email. An Admin has to make your account Active. This will take 2 working days, after which you can Login

  • Documents

    Will contain documents related to the Mumbai chapter.

  • Committee

    The Managing committee of the Mumbai Chapter currently

  • Advertisements

    Any Alumni can give an advertisement for their business. WE will need a Image relating to the business and its website address. If felt appropriate it will be included. Currently its free

  • News

    On the home page there is a news scroll. News regarding IIT Kharagpur can be put here.Anyone can submit a heading and an URL for its details. If felt appropriate it will be included.

  • Bank Details

    Bank details to make transfers to

  • Profile Photo

    to update or display your Profile photo

  • My Profile

    Check your Profile data and make changes as required

  • Quick contact

    Quick contact is for Non IIT KGPians who are interested in an upcoming event